CyberStart For Children

Cognitive Developmental Freeware by Larry Loveland

  • For toddlers as young as 18 months.
  • Extends early welcome to info-tech.
  • Explores size, shape, color, order.
  • Presents self-guiding exercises.
  • Works by moving the mouse.
  • Does not use the keyboard.
  • Does not use mouse buttons.
  • Requires Windows 95 or later.

Automatic Installation:

Download cs.exe to disk and run it to automatically install CyberStart to your computer.

Download cs.exe Version 1.1, 392K

Manual Installation:

Download to a folder of your choice, extract CyberStart.exe, and run it.

Download Version 1.1, 133K

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Some Reading:

The First Men, a short story by Howard Fast (1960), copyright expired.

Download 25K

The Grand Imperative, a paper by Larry Loveland (1995).

Download 19K